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Stay Forever True - Ch 1
Chapter One- Loony
“This is the third time, Miss Lovegood!”
Professor Flitwick stood in the middle of the stony hall. The little man’s face was red in anger and she could easily see the tiny veins that throbbed in his forehead, even though it was nearly midnight and the light was dull.  He was hissing at a niche she could not really see from her place just around the corner, but she was sure who he was hissing at.
There was something strange about that girl.
It was not because of the several strange little things she used that acted as jewelry, nor was it because her face was more often than not stained. It was not because her hair was the longest she had ever seen, reaching almost her knees, nor was it because she always had that lost, faraway look in her icy eyes.
This girl was different, but it had nothing to do with the way she looked.
She was pretty, sure. Her face has already lost the baby fat most her classmates still had, and she could easily s
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Maybe we always been together8
Kim founded herself perplexed in Shego’s living room. She was invited by Shego and Shera to ‘discuss’ the possible solution of their current problem. But instead she founded herself sitting near a blonde woman that claimed being Vivian Porter big sister. At first Shego and her appeared being enemies, yet she discovered that Van Porter was Shego’s best friend. That two seemed to be very close, and that bothered her a lot. She was angry, sad and… jealous?
‘Am I jealous?’ She wondered. Why would she being jealous? Did she want to be Shego’s friend too? But, she knew that Shego and she were friends, even if the pale woman didn’t say such thing. Did she want to be near the woman just like Van was at the moment? No. Sure she spent more time with Shego than Van, after all the use to fight almost once a week. Did she want the attention the blonde was receiving from the thief? That was easy… yes. But, why?
Kim’s thoughts were interrupted wh
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Maybe we always were together7
The road was filled with rocks of all kinds. At the side of it there were some plants, something strange for the people that didn’t live in that part of the kingdom. Most of the people that were in the party that was using the rod weren’t from that part of the country. Everyone came from north. Well, almost everyone.
In the center of the row of men was a luxury cart. The cart was from south, just like the people that were sitting in it. In there four men were busy joking and making fun of the other one that wasn’t from the north. They were saying that this person was a demon. They were sure because they hadn’t seen in someone’s eyes the hollow that this person’s eyes showed. Also the pale skin of this person only could come from the hell, they supposed.
This other person was a teen that was in charge of the trip. This person was a girl that had did things you can’t imagine. This person was a solitary soul that only had allowed two persons enter her he
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Maybe we always been together6
It’s dark.
Maybe I shouldn’t go away. But I needed find her.
I’m scare.
Maybe I shouldn’t accept that man help.
I miss her.
Maybe she is looking for me.
I need her.
Maybe she was right, but she told me...
I love her.
“Possible. What are you doing here?” Kim couldn’t believe it. There in front of her, holding the door semi-opened was Bonnie Rockwaller. The girl that made her life a living hell.
Kim was speechless. She expected to see Shera, or Shego. Hell, even maybe one Team Go member, but not Bonnie. She reached in her pants pockets for the ticket Shego gave her. She read it, and then check the house’s number, the address was right.
She returned her eyes to the girl in front of her and blinked several times. Bonnie was dressed in what seamed to be pajamas. She was wearing a purple t-shirt with a pink star in the middle of it and a pair of pink shorts that matched with the star. She was also wearing rabbit-shape slippers. Her brunet hair was
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Maybe we always been together5
Kim and Ron entered to the GJ quarters an hour later Wade called them. Doctor Director was pacing in the front door waiting for the young duo.
“Finally” she sighed when she saw them coming.
“Hey Doctor Director. Sorry for being late.” Kim said as she reached the old brunet.
“Possible, Stoppable” she grated them. “Come this way” she turns towards the back of the building, where Kim knew were the interrogations rooms.
“So, what happened?” Kim asked as they followed the GJ head “Wade told us something very strange”
“Then Mr. Load told you everything” she continued to walk with Kim beside her. Ron was walking behind, not paying any mid at the little talk in front of him. He only wanted action, not talk. “Basically five strange men appeared here.”
“Strange in what way?”
“They are dressed in old outfits and they were carrying swords and bows” she walked towards a wooden door.
She stopped and o
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Maybe we always been together4
“How to begin?” Shego mussed out loud. She and Shera were sitting in the same bench at a table in Bueno Nacho. Kim and Ron were in front of them. Shego seemed nervous and also stressed. She looked tire and old, like if she hadn’t sleep in the past few days, which was true. “This is difficult” she sighed while rubbing her temples with her hand. She looked so defeated. It looked rather cute, Kim realize, but the moment she founded out she threw away the thought .
While Kim shook her head trying to erase what crossed her mind, Shera pulled Shego’s blouse to get her attention. The moment the eldest female looked at her, she started to talk in a very strange language, which Shego seemed to understood, because the pale woman also started to talk in that way. They were having a discussion of some type. Some words were familiar to the heroes, but they couldn’t understand what they were saying.
Kim frowned and crossed her arms in front of her chest. It was rud
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Maybe we always been together3
I don’t own Kim Possible. Disney does.
The road was empty. There were rocks at both sides of it. The tiny carriage was traveling very slowly. It had been a week since it started it travel. It had been a week since that awful battle, since all that death, since all the pain. It seemed that had been a year, but it only was a week. A week of pain for Shera.
By now Shera was very familiar with the unstable movement of the cart. At the beginning it was impossible to bear all that movement. The nausea mixed with the tears. At the ending of the fourth day, Shera was very ill, both physically and emotionally. By now she only was the last. She was able to recover thanks to the very kind woman sat across her. The woman came to the castle the day after the battle. She was the princess’ governess.
“Darling, are you hungry?” see? She was kind, never, not a single time in her life; Shera was called ‘darling’.
Shera only stared though the window at the rocks that they we
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Maybe we always been together2
After the battle, Shera returned home with the five persons of the hill, well if you can call that home. Home was an ancient castle. It was built in the top of a rocky hill and on one side there was the ocean. Most of the castle saw to a very lofty cliff. The only way to arrive there was by horse, following a very difficult road. Only a few could do the trip by foot, and those were always the kids that lived in there. Of course the men and women were riding a horse each one. Shera was walking behind them.
As she climbed Shera thought about the few hours ago. She listened the screams again in her head. She saw again the blood, the scarlet color that dyed the green hill. At least the rain would wash it. Tomorrow she would see again that hill again green, but she will be alone, for the first time in so many years. When this thought came to her mind, she started to cry. The tears obstructed her view and she fall.
“Shera! Watch your pad!” the ebony male barked at her.
“Yes Ma
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Maybe we always been together
I don't own Kim Possible, or Shego, or Ron.I only own this story.
The hill was filled with bodies. The grass was covered with blood. It seems that there was no body alive. But, if you were there, then you could see her. She was kneeling in each body, checking if somebody survived. It seems not. Her ebony hair was soaked with rain as was her almost naked body; only a white blood-covered cotton dress protected her nudity of the cold weather. If someone would be able to be close enough from her, they would be seeing crying. Her face was soaked, yes, but not only rain and salty water made her seen like a movie terror character, but also blood, dried blood painted her beautiful face. Her body was covered with bruises and cuts, and the blood in her dress was not only her.
She was crying, yes, but nobody would comfort her. Never. And she knew that.
She was searching for somebody alive.
And, yes, there were five persons alive: an ebony young handsome man; a blond mid
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Bad Kimmie by charis-chan Bad Kimmie :iconcharis-chan:charis-chan 13 3



I'm kinda starting thinking about sumiting my fanfictions in here... dunno maybe!!!
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